Any Phantogram fans?

I just stumbled upon this group the other day, with the linked song being the first song I listened to. It hit me instantly. It evoked emotions in me so quickly. The feel of it. The lyrics, the beat, the guitar, the way it comes together. It’s just a unique band. I’m just hearing them about a decade or so late haha.

I like Phantogram, too. I only started listening to them a couple of years ago. I think it was one of those “people who bought this also bought that” things.

They do have a very interesting and specific sound. For some reason they make me think of The XX, though The XX is much softer.

I thought I had the album that song is from, but I can’t find it. But you’ve prompted me to listen to the songs I do have!

I ran into this video when a friend was selling his Moog guitar in 2012, and I enjoyed it (the video that is, I was stupid and didn’t buy the guitar and I would have doubled my money)

I’ve only heard their single ‘fall in love’, but I will check them out after hearing the song in the OP.

I love You Don’t Get Me High Anymore.