You must listen to this band.


Buy the album Faded Seaside Glamour, or failing that beg, borrow or legally download the single Long Time Coming. Your life will be better. Guaranteed.

What if I don’t like rap with a modern bluegrass edge to it? :confused:

That’s a subtle hint for you to tell me what they’re like. If some utter barking stranger came up and recommended an album, I would be more inclined not to buy it, unless I had heard a few songs off it. So: what are they like?

Ha… sometimes I like it when somebody hands me a CD or sends me an MP3 and just says: “Hey, listen to this!”. It’s, y’know, a surprise. :wink:

What do they sound like? Hmm, indie guitar I suppose, but with falsetto vocals, some synths etc too. I have heard them compared to the Cocteaus but I am not too familiar with them so can’t comment on that.

Then you’re a complete Philistine, duh.

I went and read a description of the band, and they really don’t sound like something I’d enjoy. Since I can’t easily find a sample, I think I’ll pass.