Any photoshop people in?

Ok, I am working on a site and using a template. is the site (not promoting it) and I need someone to take a look at it to see what I’m about to ask.

I am using photoshop to try and fix the Menu words on the left side. When you run your mouse over them you will see BIO-TALK-SEE-LINK etc…

But it doesn’t go well with the angle of the .gif underneath it. I want it to be angled to flow better. Because once you start getting to the bottom three you see how the word doesn’t flow with the angle and stands out. How do I lift up the right side of the words or turn the words and make it larger to smaller form left to right? is the site, sorry about that.

Several options, I guess…

The easiest is to use the “distort” feature to angle the text the way you want it. Might need to rasterise it first though.

Or try the “text warp” function.

Or you could create a path at the angle you require, and type the text along it.

use transform - Free Transform - Distort.

grab the handles of the bounding box to match the perspective you have.

Agreed, use the Image->Transform->Distort feature on the text layers:

Grab the middle-right handle of the bounding box and move up/down to skew the text relative to the space it occupies, and then use the right-hand top and bottom handles to pinch the far ends of the text to match the depth perspective (though given the angle of the background the text appears over, this probably isn’t necessary).

Also – if I may make a suggestion – change the text colour. Black text, even using the Bevel and Emboss effect, is hard to read on a black background.

Nicely laid out site otherwise.

I concur, transform distort should do the trick :slight_smile:

Another vote for transform -> distort. and light them up a bit, kinda hard to see with these old eyes. :slight_smile:

Ditto what others said.

I also really like the layout.

thanks guys !