Test-dont read.(sorry folks,I already miss the old site!)

this is my first attempt to use the new site.
and now this line willattempt to use strong textbold typestrong textand then return to regular font

Andnow this line will attempt to use emphasized textitalic type emphasized textand then return to regular font

and this is a anttempt to use alink to a cnn article

lets try again with the bold type and then regular

andnow I;ll try again with italic font and then regualr

You know when you’re typing on the right hand side of the edit box is how it will format in the final post right.

Just borrowing your thread to make a post to prove I can. Oh, look, there’s a preview box.

okay so now I know that the old system of formatting works using the square brackets and backslash

wow!!! I’m famous.My threads are worth borrowing! Thanks.

But I still miss the old site. :frowning:

oops!! now I’m pissed off! --I tried to quote Ceejaytee 's post,butIcan’t figure out how.

I c

ahh!!! okay.I think this will work now.
You have to highlight the quote,then an option appears to reply to it.

okay, I;m trying this now…Here is a bold face word and here is something in italics. hey–I can see myself on the right!!! it’s magic!!!

So do infrequent posters see the creepy stalkery statements about them? @Ceejaytee, did you see the forum software post that
“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ceejaytee — their last post was 8 months ago.”

You can also hit the speech bubble in the quick reply box and it will throw the quote into your reply.

“Creepy” and “stalkery”? :roll_eyes:

Borrowing for unrelated testing of edit tracking

Can you do this on the old site?

Oh that’s cool.

How the fuck did you do that? I like it! Is that the [del] del [/del] function?

Thanks for the sandbox, Beckster, it was an inevitability.

[Harry from 3rd Rock from The Sun]

Okay, NOT the del function … sheepish face

once I read “don’t read” I have to read. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

meanwhile, really? I can stick a poll right in here? and it will make a pie chart??? this I have to see

  • I like pie
  • I do not like pie
  • I like some kinds of pie
  • other

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and now I am watching this thread. it’s not getting away with anything.

It’s not a very interesting chart if everybody likes pie.