Practise Post, do not bother to read.

** Bold Test

  • Bold italicised? [/b/i]

Let’s see, bracket-eye-bracket, werdz, bracket-frontslash-eye-bracket.

  • I want to put my signiture in italics. * Stop italics.

Rats. The italics didn’t stop. Does this mean I have to read a book? (major whining.)

No, you have to put each command in the square brackets, you can’t group them. For instance, use {/b}{/i}, instead of {/bi}. I’ve used the curly braces here, but you know to use the square brackets. And remember, preview is your FRIEND. When you use preview, remember to check off the signature button again when you post, as it unchecks automatically.

**Thanks, I know that now.
I also know what “snert” means. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Lynn! :slight_smile: