Any place sell LARGE pieces of graph paper?

I’m think of building a kayak, and I’m supposed to make a temporary table for glueing panels together. I cant find wide enough wood that fits in my car (a 4x8 sheet of plywood will not fit) (I looked at cheap shelving, anything wide enough is too long)

Idea 1 is to use a roll of kraft paper on the floor. (I need to use a chalkline to use for a straight edge) this is my backup plan.

but my cool idea is to use a roll of graph paper (I need a approx 24 inch by 18 foot sheet). The only place I can find a roll of graph paper is here but that is 50 YARDS of it, which is way more than I need

Anyone got any ideas?



Call a REAL lumberyard and have them DELIVER a sheet of 3/4" CDX, some 2x2’s, and build a cutting table like I did?

I will definitely check that out. How may 2x2s did you use?

I could make trestles (sp?) too (T shaped, a bar for flat surface, and rope for a curved surface)

And I’ve always wanted to make a gaming table…

the table is 5’ by 8’, so it’d be a bit different for 4x8.

essentially, it is a frame around the top, with 3 support legs - I used a “U” design (uprights joined at the bottom for rigidity), and scrap 1/4" panelling strips for corner bracing - construction adhesive and sheetrock [sup]TM[/sup] screws.

Standard length for dimensional lumber (2x2’s are sometimes mistaken for ‘furring strips’ - insist on finished lumber (S4S - smooth 4 sides), and a good working height is 34" - work out the design, and extend:
make three U’s for legs 2- 31", 1 - 48"

and a frame with three cross-bars for the top (EXTERNAL dimensions 48x96) the crossbars will be (48 - (2 x width of 2x2))

secure frame on top of legs, and slap anything moderately stiff on corners. Keep adding corner braces until it stops wiggling when you shake it.

the adhesive, which makes it easy to create a very stable table, makes it hard to dis-assemble. Your call (mine will require cutting to remove)