How can I make a small round table bigger?

Are there padded larger tabletops you can lay on top and strap down? I have a 46" pedestal table and I’d really like to be able to seat 6 occasionally. I’ve seen things for card tables that you can put on top to make them bigger, but those have straps that hook around card table legs and my table’s a pedestal. Anyone know where I can find something that’ll work, or should I just go to home depot and buy a big piece of plywood and strap it on with bungee cords? :slight_smile:

Hey, I like the plywood/bungee cord solution…really cool. :smiley:
We had a nice teak round kitchen table that was too small, so went to a glass store and got a round glass table top a couple feet in diameter larger. This works fine and lets the wood show through. Not as cheap as plywood, however.

I’ll second third and fourth the taking the glass route. A nice piece of 1/2 inch glass several inches larger than your current table would look nice. I’d throw a couple felt pads on the bottom or clear plastic nobs to make it sturdy and to prevent chipping and scratching.

I dunno how much you want to spend, but pool table stores often sell tabletops made to fit atop bumper-pool tables. Some of them have little niches for poker chips and beverages.

A glass table top is a great idea! A little pricey, but if I had gone the plywood-and-bungee route I’d have to buy a tablecloth, so I save on that, anyway. Thanks!

Depends on how much bigger you want that table top to be. Be VERY careful about tipping it with someone casually leaning on the edge of the table, or putting their hands on the edge of the table when they stand up!

I saw one of those home improvement shows awhile back and they used a round piece of plywood, but they had attached a base to fit exactly onto the underlying smaller table and they bolted the wood together.

And of course, make sure the base is strong enough/designed correctly so it won’t tip with the added size on top.

There are folding round table tops that can be pulled apart and extra slats added to accomodate larger groups, but I think that might be too big a project to do from scratch and you might be wiser to simply keep an eye out for such a table at garage sales.

It’s a pretty solid steel and copper table, so I think if those usual flimsy glass topped tables aren’t tipping over all the time I should be OK. I did some looking online–a 54" or 60" glass table top is HEAVY–like 150 pounds! I guess I’ll need some help manhandling it on top, and putting it away when I don’t use it (It’ll really only be for dinner parties).