Question for furniture makers

I knew a guy a while back who, in his free time, liked to make furniture. And not just wood desks and tables and stuff, but fancy, up to date, very nice office furniture and the like. He built the conference room table at the office, and it was absolutely magnificent. Of course, it’s been about two years now, so I’d feel odd calling him up out of the blue, so I figured I’d come to yous guys and see if there’s someone out there with the knowledge I seek.

Where can one buy a big sheet of glass to be used as a table top? I’ve been thinking of getting a small, rather dinky table, and carving some nice designs on it…but to avoid the likes of food and such getting in the cracks, I was thinking I could get a nice piece of glass to go over it. I just have no idea where one could go to get a nice 2’x2’ piece of glass that’s cut and sanded to make a nice table top. Would the likes of Home Depot be good for this, or are there specialty glass/furniture places one should look at? Or somewhere else I’m completely overlooking? Thanks.

‘Glass merchants’ would be the category in the UK Yellow Pages; - these people cut glass/mirrors to size, polish/bevel the edges etc.
The service must be available in your locality, they might call themselves something different though.

Look in the Yellow pages for glass, also, home depot has some, craft shops like Michael’s have some (we have end tables made from 18" square glass slabs from these guys).

Any glass company can cut and finish a piece of glass for you. It is one of those things that seems difficult, but actually is very easy for them.

:wink: [sup]And yes I was in the furniture business[/sup]

I have glass tops on all my good wood furniture. All I did was call a glass company (the one I used was called Binswanger Glass in VA) and told them I needed a glass tabletop and what the size was. Tabletop glass is usually about 1/4" thick and the glass place will polish the edges for you so they aren’t sharp. They may also supply you with some small round spacers that fit between the wooden surface and the glass if your surface is flat - it keeps the wood from being scratched if the glass is moved.