Any Places Like The Shady Rest Left ("Petticoat Junction")

I was watching Petticoat Junction, and was wondering if there are any hotels left that are similar to the Shady Rest Hotel on the show.

I guess today that would be more of a bed and breakfast type of establishment.

Anyone know of anything close to that kind of hotel?

And I mean the HOTEL not a place that has three hot girls swimming in a water tower


What kind of place is the shady rest? Is it some kind of brothel? I’m not familiar with the show.

How close of a match do you need? There’s the Arlington Inn in town on the east side of East Main Street; the Union Pacific Railroad is on the west side of the street. While the website states it’s under construction (the website, that is…the hotel was built in around 1860), it has some good photos of the place, along with a page on their history. Is that the sort of thing you mean?