Any port-a-potty in a storm, but could you be arrested for it?

While walking home yesterday, I was suddently seized by a violent call of nature. Fearing I would not make it home in time, I was looking for a solution when I noticed a house being renovated had a portapotty next to it. I took my chances, and the problem was solved. Anyone else ever done this?

I got to wondering: it had to be illegal, but if they arrested you, what would the charges be? Trespassing? Illegal entry? Petty theft (I used the toilet paper). If the case went to court, would the judge throw it out? Has anyone ever been prosecuted for doing it?

Who’s going to gather the evidence?

What a fantastic thread-title!

Illegal dumping?

There is a defense of necessity, which can justify the action of tresspass. The example given in law school was, where a storm was coming up, and the boat owner would lose his boat if he didn’t tie it up, he was allowed to tie it to someone else’s dock without the dockowner’s permission.

He was liable for any damages caused by actually docking his boat there. You would be required to reimburse the construction company for the toilet paper, and any additional costs incurred by you using their crapper.

Damages, of course, would be miniscule. (At least I hope so!)

Necesitas habet non legem

Necessity has no law
When you gotta go, you gotta go

I’m waiting for the preposterous American lawsuit brought by the person who had to get to a potty on a construction site and tripped over a piece of equipment along the way, suffering pain and damages.

Just checking in to admit I’ve done this, too.

It was after a particularly difficult run. And I had to go. Immediately.

Thank heavens for the remodel down the side street!

In my stupid bratty teenager phase, my friends and I used to go and goof off in this house they were in the process of building in our neighborhood. We’d mostly just run around the rooms and check out the progress. Once, my friend had to pee really bad, and she used the toilet in the basement-which hadn’t been hooked up yet.

Oh well, it’s better than the time she had taken a dump off of someone’s porch…