dog poop on car- illegal?

So… There’s this jerk who parks his overly large truck out of the lines all the time at my apartment complex. When I get home late, most of the time he’s blocking my spot by parking way out of the lines into it.

I lost my temper tonight, and when I went by with my dog’s poop bag- I just smeared a big ol turd on his driverside handle…

Can I get in trouble for this legally? I never do shit like this (pun… intended? You don’t know!) so I’m paranoid about it. I doubt anyone saw me (it was almost midnight and no one was around)- but my dog is recognizable if they did.

I’m moving soon, so I don’t really care if I get in trouble with the complex.
More concerned if there is any way this could affect me legally. (Criminal mischief?) :confused:

I’m sorry for the juvenile post.

I wouldn’t recommend doing it again, that’s for sure. :rolleyes:

I’m definitely not!! ): HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS WHOLE ‘PRANK/GOINGTOOFAR’ THING?! I’m stressed as hell. I think watching Deadpool had a bad influence on me :[

Obviously the precise details of the offence are going to vary depending on the jurisdiction in which you live and the state of the law there but, yeah, this is an act of petty vandalism and it’s almost certainly an offence of some kind. Chances of detection and conviction are probably quite low, but if the will and the resources are there the dogshit can of course be traced to your dog, and your dog can presumably be traced to you.

Revenge in the 1st degree

When I was growing up I knew a kid who did this to a neighbor he hated. I witnessed the guy cleaning his soiled vehicle and by the look on his face and the muttering I heard, he would have skinned the kid alive had he known his identity. Not recommended.

Why’d you never report it to the landlord, especially if you have assigned spaces?

How about making up some passive aggressive “worst Parker in the world” notes?

Vandalism, isn’t it?

He parks into your space and you don’t think he is going to have a good idea who did this? Did you ever try talking to the guy? Problem is if you do it now he is going bring up the dog crap and see the look on your face when he does. Might as well go to the landlord now, you already pissed in the soup.

Similar stories gleaned from the news:

Massachusetts: woman arrested for vandalizing after smearing dog feces on her neighbor’s car and front door:

Connecticut: woman charged with criminal mischief after smearing dog feces on cars parked in her neighborhood:

Wisconsin: woman charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct after smearing dog feces inside her boyfriend’s car:

I’m no lawyer, but I would call it vandalism in the turd degree.

OP, are you a man or a woman? The links above all are women, so now I’m curious if this is one of those crimes women are statistically more likely to do, like using poison as a murder implement rather than a knife or gun.

Also, don’t mail poop in a bag or a purse.

(See? You’re not the only one who’s juvenile.)

Does the apartment complex have security cameras? If so, the truck driver could ask them to review the video and may very well be able to determine who put the poop on his truck…

“Legal” or not just means you might be dragging the cops into it too now (like they need this shit). I’m sure he won’t be thinking of getting even with you or your dog.

BTW- I saw this in the news today. That’s illegal too.

To answer questions-
no we don’t have assigned spots- it’s more that there are about 5 or so spots I typically park in- and he is always the one that ruins it for everyone by taking up two (sometimes three spots) in a very crowded parking lot with about 30 spots everyone is vying for. I should have said that better- he just always seems to mess it up on nights when I have to stay at work or school especially late- and there are limited spots- with the only one left being the one next to the one he’s parked wonky in.

I leave about 2-3 hours before he is up, it seems, so I doubt he’d know it is me. (I honestly don’t know who he is, as the car will disappear for a few days, then be back for a few- not even sure he/she is a resident. Have lived there over a year and never seen the driver.)

It is a very old cheap complex, so there are no cameras.

I am moving in about 2 weeks, and have a random schedule- so I seriously doubt this could lead back to me or affect me in any way, really.

The only way it could lead back to me would for:

  1. someone to have witnessed this past midnight in a poorly lit area of the parking lot from a window at least 30 ft to 50 yards away.

  2. someone recognize me and report it to the driver or complex. (considerable coincidence of people knowing them, seeing me, realizing what I was doing etc would have to happen for this to occur.)

So I’m not really worried about being caught anymore- as much as curious what would happen if I WAS. Looks like worse case scenario would be criminally charge and found guilty of vandalism or criminal mischief?

I’m imagining a scenario where he had a huge blow up fight with his girlfriend (now ex) two days ago. He encounters your stunt, assumes it is her, becomes enraged and does something much more terrible. This is what would happen in a movie.

Since this involves legal advice, let’s move this to IMHO.

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But it was a number two. :confused: