Please clean up your dog's poop

I saw you walking your dog, having the dog squeeze out some collossal turd startlingly large for a little yappy dog like that, and move on. Are you going to clean it up? Of course not! What, do I have to be the dog shit police now?!

The ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

Is there any aspect of your rather mundane life that you don’t want to share with us?

You’ve made TWO pit threads within a 10-minute span, and their both the epitome of mundane, pointless shit that you don’t really need to share, much less in the BBQ pit.

Maybe Livejournal would be a better venue for this stuff?

I give you: The Martyr of Ignorance, Drowning in a Sea of Morons.

The irony, she burns!

Pick up my dogs monster size poops?
Make me.

In fairness, they are contained to the back yard and I just set the mower to low to pulverize them

The lawnmower is a great idea (I use the bush hog at work for the horses), but just an FYI: I don’t recommend using a weed eater. Talk about shit hitting the fan. :eek:

Incubus, you’ve tripped over the admittedly broad line of rants and flames vs. everyday annoyances. Just about anything can be–and probably has been–a source of ire for somebody. The Pit isn’t the place for routine grumbling; it’s the annex for stuff too dire and outspoken for other fora.

Take a hard look before posting again whether your thread belongs in MPSIMS.
I’ll move this one for you but be more careful from now on.

Pit mod

My argument is that he’s crossed over the line of stuff even too mundane and pointless for MPSIMS as well.

No, you can leave up to the real police.

“Don’t you call my husband a dog, you freak!”

Bonus to anyone who recognizes that obscure popculture reference.

I wholeheartedly agree with Incubus. The amount of dog shit (and some that is definitely not of canine origin) on the sidewalks of Baltimore is enough to cover . . . well, a mid-sized urban wasteland. Boston, by camparison, is remarkably clean. I haven’t seen a single rat since I moved here a year ago! And my block doesn’t perpetually smell like bum piss and dog shit. Now if only it weren’t so @!#&% expensive . . .

Right on. If you have to clean it up there is no point in taking the damned dog on a walk so it can crap on someone else’s lawn.

Glad to see you don’t do that

Incubus I know what you mean.

The area along the main road next to the condos where I live is the “designated dog walk” area. I guess people assume that means that they don’t have to clean up after their dog.

Unfortunately for me this also happens to be just outside my back door. In the summer it’s ever so pleasant to sit out on the porch and smell the dog shit baking in the Florida sun. :rolleyes:

This is exactly why I have cats.

Well, if you do, the choice of uniform seems obvious.