Any problems involved in selling a US Army officers jacket on eBay?

I ran across (what I think is) a US Army Officers jacket this while thrifting around this afternoon. The size 42 regular jacket was in essentially brand new condition, but was a bit wrinkled from being slightly wadded up. They dry clean most jackets at the local Goodwill before placing them on the floor, so I’m assuming this is something that someone driopped off at the front door, and just laid on top of a box near the checkout which is where I snagged it.

Anyway, it’s in absolutely new pristine condition. It has the big gold Army eagle buttons, and (for whatever reason ) has a State of of Maryland patch on the shoulder.

Is there any issue with offering this jacket for sale on eBay once i get it freshly dry cleaned?

Here is a pic

Here is the label

Since 9/11, those of us in emergency services (Police, Fire, EMS) have been urged to to keep track of uniforms, badges, and any other items which could potentially be misued by someone to gain access where they would not otherwise be authorized.

I’m not saying that listing the item would be illegal-that is a matter for others to discern. My better judgement says, don’t go there.

Never mind. Ebay is lousy with them. It must be OK. I’ think I’ll give this one back to Goodwill.

There should be no problem selling it. Lots of veterans sell their old uniforms once they leave the service.
The only problem would be the buyer. If he(or she) were to buy the uniform, with all its medals and decorations, then they might probably get into trouble if they were to wear it, or misrepresent themselves as the actual owners of the decorations.

Shouldn’t have any problem selling it – there’s a surplus store here in town with a whole rack full of 'em. You can buy buy the stuff to go on it, too.

It is an Army jacket. Officers and enlisted wear the same uniform these days, just with different stuff on it. That one’s from the Maryland Army National Guard, hence the Maryland patch.

Another possibility - if you have a local theatre company, donate it to them!

Or if there any high schools in your area with good theater/drama troupes and their own props and costume departments, they might welcome a uniform.

The drama uniform suggestions from both of you sound like a good possibility. I’ll look into it.