I Want a Red Wool BSA Jacket

I was a boy scout. I was very happy with my red wool boy scout jacket. I have looked in the obvious places, but no dice. A simple Google leads me to eBay et. al., where people are selling used jackets.

I need the jacket of my youth, but in a more generous size.

Any ideas?

Have you checked out the BSA store?


I don’t know about Paul, but none of those are like the one I owned - which I agree was awesome.

There must be some big ones around - my father who was a scout leader, had one.

Like this?:

No, nothing at the BSA store.

Ogre has a near-hit at Scout Stuff. (I did not want the scout insignia.)

Zoid found the used one I was considering.

Thank you all. Next step is to check my closet very closely before I buy a new one.

Here’s a modern take on it, I guess. It’s the closest thing I could find, in red.


It’s not really the right time of year to be looking…give it another 4-6 weeks and start looking again.

It appears to be a cpo jacket made of all-red instead of checked wool. Is solid red a non-negotiable?

friend Paul,

Here is a link to the red wool jacket available from the official boy scout store. They come in adult sizes, and the scout emblem patch is not sewn on but sent with the jacket \

red wool jacket

Thank you all, I found the official one, but without the BSA badge is better. I have already found the Philmont Bull, but that might be pushing it.

My friend mentioned she wished she still had her N-2B parka she had in the Army. So I ordered one for her (November) birthday. The box arrived the other day, drop-shipped from Alpha, and they’d packed a CWU-45/P – and it wasn’t even Nomex.

Still, it sounds like less of a problem than obtaining a BSA jacket! When I read the title I thought it was going to be a BSA motorcycle jacket.