Any problems with this new computer setup?

Abit AT7 (KT333) motherboard
256 mb pc3200DDR
Athlon 2000XP
Maxtor ATA133 7200RPM 80GB hard drive

Anything wrong with those parts? Should I switch one with another brand/type? Anything I am forgeting?

Fan, case (check the voltage requirments) & an operating system.

There’s something fundementaly wrong with them! They are not in my computer!

Mine’s not all bad though <he says, stroking his geforce3>

I suppose a monitor, keyboard and mouse would be helpful.


It sounds like an excellent setup, assuming you don’t need a parallel or serial port. Planning on replacing the old printer?

Ok, I should have mentioned that I already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse speakers, and will be using an old gateway case.

Yeah. PC3200 RAMs don’t exist and neither are the chipsets that support them.

The latest, IIRC, is PC2700.

Are you sure that old case has enough voltage?

More like “are you sure the old case (the power supply in it, actually) has enough wattage?”.

It is true that people sometimes don’t give enough thought to cases. Athlons require adequate cooling, also, which an old case may not provide. AMD publishes case reccomendations - you might look at them.

IMO, Addtronics makes wonderful cases.

You also have not mentioned the video card, which you may have to / want to upgrade. I’m sure some of the game fanatics here will have plenty of opinions on that topic.

Yeah – double or quadruple the RAM.

Why?[list=“1”][li]It’s cheap, andAssuming you will be running some Microsoft software, it will reduce the time between crashes.[/list][/li]Many people feel 256MB is the MINIMUM for XP, for example.

You don’t happen to mention if these are new or old accessories. I’m assuming you know this already, but that motherboard doesn’t have any legacy ports. No keyboard, no mouse, no serial, no parrallel, etc.