Any reason to buy a laserdisc player?

Sometimes I see things that I just have to have on EBay, but then my mind wanders and I forget them. These are usually consoles of some sort that I remembered as a kid but couldn’t afford at the time like PC Engines. I even saw a betamax VCR that I could have had for £1 and picked up on my way home had I no passengers who wanted to hurry home.

So I took a look at Laserdisc players and I wondered, are they worth picking up for any reason? (Other than to look neat :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have two. Once in a while, I’ll see a laserdisc on eBay that isn’t available on DVD, so I’ll buy and transfer it myself (for my own use, of course).

if you enjoy owning dead technology, and have lots of room, the yeah, go for it.

DVD quality is better than laserdisk, so the only real reasons to buy one are if you have an extensive collection or have some that aren’t available on DVD. Also, you can get them pretty cheap used, but DVDs are pretty darn cheap for the most part.

I still have mine, but the plan for this spring is to convert rare disks into DVDs and then put them into storage and then sell the rest. I’ll keep the player but I really don’t use it much now.

There is only one reason to get a laserdisc, and that’s because you can get the original, un-altered Star Wars Trilogy in better quality than VHS. You can then transfer that to your PC or a DVD burner and voila, DVD’s of the orignial trilogy.