My list of reasons to own a LaserDisc player dwindles to 2

Word is that the “Ultimate Edition” of Close Encounters will be coming soon, including all previous edits of the film, including the original theatrical cut. :cool:

So now my reasons for owning my LaserDisc player have been reduced to Hearts of Darkness and the version of Jaws with the full-length documentary. I guess I better get those bought quick before they come out on DVD, too. :slight_smile:

Jaws: The 30th Anniversary Edition was released in 2005 on DVD with the full documentary.

You can use the disks to decapitate an intruder coming to kill you. Other than that I don’t know why you’d want to use that system.

For a long time, there were some Looney Tunes that were only available on LaserDisc but they are finally being released on DVD. The whole collection isn’t out yet but probably will be complete within a year or two.

My personal reason is a Laserdisc copy of The Godfather Trilogy 1901-1980.

I noted with some surprise that they showed it on Bravo last night. I thought Copolla had said he would no longer allow it to be shown.

Seriously? I had heard it had more than other DVD versions, but not the whole thing. Thanks!

My Definitive Star Wars is the only reason I still have mine. Even the latest DVDs have been monkeyed with.

I want my kids to know Star Wars as I knew it.

I got the “faces” Star Wars set, so hopefully I’ve got the un-monkeyed with versions as well. That was, of course, my primary reason for getting a LaserDisc player to begin with. But then I discovered that a used record store in town has LDs for sale sometimes for as little as 1 or 2 bucks, often still shrink-wrapped, so I have been known to pick up a title here and there that I have a prurient interest in but wouldn’t want to be seen renting (e.g., Color of Night) or that only exists as a mediocre DVD for the time being (e.g., Poltergeist).