Any recipes that are better with ground turkey than ground beef?

I like the “concept” of ground turkey. Lower fat and calories. But the taste is so bland. Not objectionable or anything, but it doesn’t seem to add much of anything to a dish. Every recipe I have that uses ground beef isn’t as good with ground turkey.

Anyone have one where the ground turkey version is better?

I actually like turkey burgers better than beef, but I realize I’m in the minority on that one.

We make a turkey feta meatloaf.

Ground turkey,
Feta cheese
Garlic Croutons.
Salt and pepper
(Brainiac4 adds Italian salad dressing - I skip it).

Mix together, bake. Its never occured to me I should try this with ground beef, that sounds gross.

We also do a great turkey spaghetti sauce…by the time you spice spaghetti sauce and chunk it up real good with peppers and mushrooms and big pieces of tomato - the turkey tastes really good.