Any record of total number of US Military deaths?

Not combat deaths, deaths in Iraq, etc.–just total deaths of all military personnel for the last two years?

It should be in the table linked at the top of this page (US Active Duty Military Deaths), but it only goes up to 2002. All the data more recent than that is split to Iraq or Afghanistan.

CNN has a page that includes all fatalities from Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2001.
Iraq starts here.

The CNN resource also includes the names, photos, units, hometowns, and summary of circumstances of the deceased. It does include death by disease and accidental injury.

Afghanistan operations are detailed here.

Huh. So no way to find deaths for those in Germany, S. Korea, Stateside, etc.

Sorry, I misread the OP. I’ll check Army Knowledge Online as soon as I can get into my account (later this evening).

Too bad that one table only goes to 2002, SmackFu. It’s exactly what I was looking for.

The only thing I could find on AKO was the same page SmackFu came up with.