Any recs for Internet sports statistics sites?

I’m using SDMB for my job- I’ll admit it.

A statistics professor has given an assignment that sounds really simple but isn’t. (Note to the Dopers who are wanting to be librarians: it’s always the reference questions that sound simple that will make you pull your hair out when you can’t find the answers.)

He has given a list of NFL teams and the students are to find out how many touchdowns were scored and how many yards were run by each team for each year from 1977 to the present. (That’s not the full assignment- the students are then to use the info in a data set.) So far I’ve had students looking for the Denver Broncos and the Dallas Cowboys.

It sounds simple enough, but I’ve exhausted the print and online sports and general almanacs we have access to and every combination of keywords I can think of in google and I can find the info for the last 10 years in a couple of places and all kinds of info on individual/best players year by year, but somewhere out there has got to be this info. Since I’m not a sports fan (to put it mildly) and it’s probably my weakest area of knowledge (that damned orange card extended every game of TRIVIAL PURSUIT I ever played by 30 minutes) I’m not having luck.

Any sports fans know of a historical data site for NFL teams that may have this?

Many many thanks for any assistance.

Will that work?

Yes! I actually was starting to play with this site when you posted- major thanks! (You have to go year by year and add some totals but that’s the student’s job.)

Major thanks-