Any removable floor tiles or laminates out there?

I’m looking to cover up the ugly kitchen floor in my new apartment, but am having trouble finding a removable laminate or tile floor that I can put down. Ideally, it would be a smooth, mop-able surface and interlocking. Suggestions?

Aren’t all the laminates removable? The one’s I’ve seen just lay on top of your current floor with a thin layer of foam plastic in between. Then there’s a trim strip that covers the gap at the walls and cabinets.

Has the install method changed?

I watched a tutorial video when passing by in Ikea and those look like interlocking removable tiles. If you go with the large ceramic tiles (18"x18"), you may be able to carefully just lay them down in a grid without adhesive and hope the weight/fitment keeps them from moving much.

As mentioned most laminates are designed for floating installations, and would be easy to remove. Any threshold between it and other flooring is going to have to be fixed in some way.

Another option that may suit your purposes is Fiber floor, which is similar to vinyl flooring but designed to be suitable for floating and temporary installations. It comes in mostly printed patterns of wood and tile. The pattern is unlikely to fool anyone, but no one is going to be fooled by laminate either.

The feel of the Fiber floor will be more ‘solid’ than the laminate.

You could also just ask the landlord if they will allow you to install a non-removable new floor.

If they agree that it’s a good-looking, sturdy replacement floor, and you are going to pay the costs, they may be very likely to approve it. Heck, ask them to pay some of the costs – they might do so. (My mother owns some apartments, and has several times had people who want them painted a different color. Her standard response is that she will pay for the paint, if they supply the labor. But she gets a veto option over the color they choose.)