Any Russian examples of post-nuclear/post-apocalyptic film?

I am fairly familiar with American, British and French examples but I’m curious did the Russian or any other Eastern Bloc film makers do any post-nuclear/post-apocalyptic films? Are there accounts of such a thing extant in Russian literature either?

Tarkovsky’s “Stalker”, maybe?

Letters from a dead man.. I haven’t seen it, but reading about it now makes me want to try to find a copy.

ETA: I thought about Stalker as well, but I don’t recall it being post-nuclear or anything like that. The “Zone” in the film is never introduced as the site of a war IIRC.

I don’t know if it’s truly post-Apocalyyptic, but Tarkovski’s Stalker involves a guy who brings people through The Zone, a forbidden region which might be the result of such an event. Tarkovski is the guy who made the Rissian version of Solaris.

Tarkovsky also did The Sacrifice – helpfully name-checked in WATCHMEN.

Youtube is amazing. Someone has posted it on there in its entirety!

That is great, but I don’t want to watch it there unless it is the only chance I have of only seeing it. Taking a peek at the imagery I think it deserves to be seen in a higher image quality.

It seems that the director of “Letters from a dead man”, Konstantin Lopushansky, did quite a few post-apocalyptic films. Some of them are mentioned in this article. They sound amazing - I need to go shopping.

Tarkovsky (The director of the “Russian version” of Solaris, indeed! “The director of the great masterpiece Solyaris” should suffice; anything else is a footnote.)–Tarkovsky’s *Offret *(The Sacrifice) is, well, *during *a nuclear holocaust. Kind of. But it never quite gets post.

Here ya go