Any Saltwater/Reef Aquarium hobbyists out there??

I kept a marine reef tank five years ago with some success. I broke the tank down for a move and never set it back up.I was wondering if there are any dopers out there that are currently keeping a tank.

I’d like to know of any new technological advances achieved over the last 5 years.

My set up was a 40 long,wet/dry filter with protein skimmer.
Lighting was (2) 40watt actinics and (2) 40 watt daylights.
I think my lighting was a bit lacking.

I owned my own aquarium design and maintenance business for six years, and a great deal of my time was taken up keeping up: in the last couple decades, high-end aquarium technology has advanced almost as quickly as computer technnology.

I suggest you go to a decent aquarium shop and find a couple magazines. Subscribe and read the letters section for a few months to get an idea of what’s currently being discussed by the most dedicated hobbyists. There are also a great number of discussion groups on the Internet.