Any SDMB interest in a Masters Pool?

The first big Golf tournament of the year starts this week, and it has more interest than normal with the return of Tiger Woods.

On another message board, I been reading about a weekly pool for PGA Tournaments based on Vegas Odds.

I willing to administrate it here if there is any interest. Let me know. If we can get a half-dozen or more players, I’ll run it here.


Thanks MTS, If we can 4 more people to say “yay” by 6 pm cdt tomorrow, I will post the rules and the format.


I’m in.


come on Dopers, I really don’t want to put the work for just 5 of us.

I’m in.
Heads up, tho - plan for light participation.
Historically, it has been tough to get more than 5-6 Dopers interested in anything golf-related.

You can increase the views fourfold if you change the title to “First Annual Tiger Woods Naked Mistress Masters Pool!”

LOL, I want to parlay the bet that Tiger would hit a mailbox, a fire hydrant, and a tree on his opening drive.

Hitting a tree is listed at 5/1, and a hydrant is not too far fetched (sprinkler head), but the mailbox has got to be a Million to one shot.

Just in case MadtheSwine and Gonzomax subscribed to this thread, the Masters Pool thread is here.