Any sites of embalmers...?

For some time now I have been searching for sites where I can talk with embalmers and other people who deal with dead human bodies, like morticians, autopsy workers, custodians of cadavers. So far no luck.

You see, if anyone should be most in contact with death, these are the guys. We should ask them about death and the dead. Have they ever received any communication from them? Are they not curious to communicate with them? Do dead people manifest movements or actions? which to us still in the world of the living usually scare us stiff. We should ask them.

So, may I address this request to our knowledgeable people here, please refer me to sites where I can communicate with embalmers, morticians (are these guys in the same business?), autopsy workers, pathologists working on dead bodies which we call corpses or cadavers.

It is my conviction that these are the best people to tell us about death and the dead, because they are the ones with hands on experience of the dead.

Death and the dead are one of my usual concern and curiosity; that’s why I am always thinking about the subject. What about you guys here?

Susma Rio Sep

Hmm. I transport dead bodies to a mortuary from hospital beds, I work with an ex autopsy assistant, my cousin’s a pathologist, and I know one ex mortician and her daughter, who’s just finished work experiance in a mortuary. Any questions?

Oh, hang on.

“Have they ever received any communication from them? Are they not curious to communicate with them? Do dead people manifest movements or actions?”

No, no and no. A dead body is basically a big hunk of unedible beef. All of the mystique of dead bodies went away pretty quickly after I was around them a while.

Don’t you get philosophically reflective or religiously awed? What do I mean?

Don’t you have such thoughts as “Dust thou art and to dust thou shalt return?”

Or: What does it profit a man, etc., if he’s going to end up a big hunk of beef?

Or: Vanity or vanity…

Do you think those guys who came up with such thought never handled any dead the way and the time you do?

Anyway, I am glad to meet you. Tell me, how did you get started in this kind of a work? Are you not scared in the presence of corpses or cadavers all by yourself, I imagine on many occasions, most probably all the time.

O.K., what do you think about God, heaven, and hell, and the soul. I will have more questions for you.

One last one for the present, did you apprentice with or under somoeone?

Susma Rio Sep

It’s now August 1 where I am; and Goldfish has not replied to my numerous questions. I guess he’s at a loss which question of mine to answer.

Anyway, i am appealing to others like embalmers, etc., to get in contact with me. I promise not to overwhelm you with too many questions all at once.

OK, Goldfish, shall we get started with just one question?

What’s in your mind as you handle a dead fellow human?

Susma Rio Sep

PS: Does everyone see now what I mean, about having a very hard time getting to come upon and approach embalmers and similar people, on an online acquaintance, to exchange messages with them? And no one here has come across any websites where embalmers and kindred people get together to talk about death, soul, philosophy, God, hell, and fear of death, and immortality, etc., of which matters i am always very much intrigueed.