ANY size for 69 cents. But not that one

I just gotta laugh. Speedway gas stations have signs plastered all over the place advertising their fountain soda.ANY SIZE JUST 69 CENTS! Then, in little print on the bottom it reads “excludes 64 ounce size”.

Well then. DUH!:rolleyes: Then I guess the 69 cents doesn’t buy “ANY” size does it! It buys ALMOSTany size, but it doesn’t buy ANY size.

Anyway, I love finding goofs like this. Anyone else see anything goofy in the land of advertising.

One time my friends and I missed the last train home from NYC. We had 5 hours to blow, and after walking around for a couple of hours, we found a diner that said “OPEN 24 HOURS”. It was very cold, so we went in to get some coffee and a snack. We were in there for about 10 minutes, and they tell us they are closing and we have to leave. We ask them about the 24 hour thing, and they tell us “We are open 24 hours, we just close for an hour a day to clean up.” We spent the rest of the night ducking in and out of porn shops to keep from freezing.

But the sign says you’re open 24 hours.
Not in a row.:stuck_out_tongue:


Thats the exact joke we would use for that place too.

I was in Office Max one day and they had a sign over a cordless phone that said “NEW LOW PRICE! Was $70.00, now $69.99!” Wow, I hope they don’t go bankrupt on that deal.

This wasn’t so much a misleading advertisement as a mistake, but it was still fun. Went to make copies at Office Max once and a sign on the do-it-yourself machine said “.05¢ per copy”… I made 20 copies and paid them the penny… they didn’t think it was quite as humorous though and demanded I pay them the sum they INTENDED to advertise… I only protested for about 5 seconds before i realized i was getting nowhere and only losing .99¢

There used to be a store here called “24 Hour Video”, that closed every night at 10 P.M. They explained to me that “24 Hour Video” was just the name of the store, not the hours of business. The hours were 10AM to 10PM; the name was “24 hour video”. Do not confuse the two.

They changed the name of the store after a while - I guess they got tired of having the same conversation with every customer.


These are funny. Keep 'em coming!

The “virtually free Las Vegas vacation” that was advertised in Parade (a Sunday newspaper supplement) a few years ago. The deal, IIRC, was that you paid $200 to this agency and they’d book all the necessary accomodations for your vacation, plus a certain number of gambling chips and even “one guaranteed win” or something. Actually, the extras it offered did pretty much amount to what you paid in, so technically the necessities were free. Provided, of course, that you never actually gambled, hence didn’t lose money in bunches, which of course is what they were counting on, and in fact what all these incredible Vegas vacation deals count on.

ha… reminds me of my favorite sight gag. Rodney Dangerfield and his lowlife buddy are driving around late at night in their van smoking a joint and they get the munchies. Rodney declares “I’m so hungry I could eat a whore!” They search and search for an open restaurant, and finally find one. They drive right up and as they reach the door, all the lights go out. Rodney looks up at the big neon sign that just went out, and it says “Open 23 Hours.”

Several years ago, my brother and I went to see Jethro Tull in Chicago (Catfish Rising tour), and decided it was too far to drive back that night. Thusly, we overnighted in Aurora (home of WAYNE’S WORLD! WAYNE’S WORLD! PARTY ON! EXCELLENT! YEEOW-WOW-WOW-WOW!!!) at a motel somewhere near the edge of town. It was just past midnight when we rolled in to find that we just missed the last sales of alcohol. We figured the absence of beverages called for some food, so walked over to the restaurant next to the motel (Denny’s? Perkins?). Its sign proudly proclaimed “Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.” It was…closed, of course.

We were so wired from the show and bored out of our skulls that we finally decided in the absence of food and drink, we would order a ahem adult entertainment feature to watch, which necessitated calling the front desk to request. They never answered. We finally walked down there to see where they were, and there was no-one to be seen. I think they even closed the motel that night. Surreal. I’ve never been back.

Ten words: “Working to make a difference - the people of Philip Morris.”

Listen, when everyone with half a brain already KNOWS that you’re an incredibly evil megalithic corporation selling a product that kills thousands of people every year, trying to convince them otherwise with sappy, phony-baloney advertising is the pinnacle of corporate gall.