Any slick ideas on how to image some photos?

I have some 120 (unmounted) slides, and I’d like to get them imaged. None of the local places (OK, I’m not exactly in a major metropolis) deal with 120. Any ideas? Ideally, I’d like to image directly from the slides. Making prints directly from slides costs an arm and a leg.

It’s supposedly pretty easy to find a high quality scanner that will accomodate slides and negatives and once you find one of those, it’ll be a simple matter to scan in your slides at a high enough resolution that you can print it out at photo quality given the right printer and paper. The Epson photo stylus line of printers have yielded what are, to me, photo quality prints, though your standards may vary. Hope this helps some.

I’d get a magazine like Popular Photography from the library and pore over the ads. They have places that do every kind of conversion. By mail, of course.

Kodak would do it as well, I’m sure,

An intermediate step before you go drop $1200 on the large size Nikon Coolscan (that fits 120s) is to use your basic flatbed scanner but put your lightbox (a portable one) on top of the negative. The lightbox I have is notebook sized, color balanced, and cost as much as the scanner did. With a little experimentation I was getting hi-res scans. The element added is the extra light shining down. I first tried it with reflective paper, to reflect the light back. The negs were too dense. Any digital manipulation software allows a simple toggle between negative and positive. This worked for me. If I had a huge number to do that had to be perfect I would consider something designed for the job.

Do you have a Kinko’s nearby? The one in my town has negative scanners.

Since when is image a verb? What does it mean when misused like this? Since other people seem to understand, it must be a common usage. I really hate the current trend towards denominalizing nouns.

According to OED, since about the 14th century.

Thank you for your input, and have a nice day.

Actually, it probably was a verb for a little while, faded out, then came back in the computer age.

But then, I’m not gonna go look for an OED to prove that…

Verbing weirds language. [sub]–Calvin, Calvin & Hobbes:D