Any South Dakota Dopers?

Anyone live in the Rapid City/Black Hills area?

Just wonderin’…is all.

Two hours from Rapid City. Though I live in Wyoming.

I’m glad I could put your mind to rest.

I’ve got family in Mitchell and Platte.

I go out there to visit them every so often. I love the Black Hills. Haven’t been out there in years though. Maybe I’ll head out there next summer.

i’m in minnesota, near the south dakota border, not far from sioux falls. been to rapid many times tho, its a great place.

What if there was a Western dopefest…
and only four people came.

Well I thought it was funny.

*Originally posted by Darkhold *
What if there was a Western dopefest…
and only four people came.


Ignoring the joke aspect of it, there have been dopefests a whole lot smaller than four people. One of my big fears is going to a dopefest and finding myself the only person there.

Are you perhaps relocating/going to Rapid City, SD, Jonathan Chance?

Mmmmm…Black Hills. One of my favorite places on the Earth. Was there about a week and a half ago. Climbed Harney Peak.

I’m in the Minneapolis area, but am considering moving there next spring. But that would depend on finding a job in Rapid City that doesn’t involve retail, the hospitality/tourist industry, or selling insurance.

Could well be. I’m in talks now to go out there to launch a publishing company.

We’d be based either in Lead/Deadwood or Rapid.


Double damn.

I just finished a 3-month construction project at Ellsworth AFB (Box Elder), and just got home this very hour.

Triple damn.

That town is a blast!

Really - I have relative in Pipestone, MN.

Also, I was born in Rapid City, but I now reside elsewhere.

I am not a South Dokota Doper.

um Dread? do i know you? haha, i live in pipestone. how bizarre!

I used to live in Yankton and it remains one of my favorite places. If my ex would leave, I’d move back in a heartbeat. South Dakota is the best kept secret in the USA.

JC, I told you this weekend that I’m NOT running away to South Dakota with you. Period.

except for the snow, and sub zero windchills

Hell, that don’t scare me. I was born in Chicago.

Yeah, but you know that secretly you’ll long for my return.

I grew up in RC, but live in Wisconsin now. The winters are easier here, but I miss the Black Hills.

Do you know any of the Dykstra’s in the area? I did live in Pipestone from about 6 years, from 1991-1996; but that was back when I was in elementry school.