Any St. Louis Blues fans here?

Jesus H. Christ on a hockey stick!

What the hell has happened to the mighty Blues since they entered Canada? They’re supposed to be one of the best teams in the NHL aren’t they?

Is it the cold weather? The fresh air? The real beer?

There has to be some excuse for the back to back ass whuppings they’ve received from Vancouver and tonight from our own Edmonton Oilers.

Did McInnis leave his Geritol at the border?

They should have pulled Freddy after the first period and put that old guy back in net, even though the Canucks made him their personal bitch in the last game…

Five to fucking zip…

Who were those guys wearing the Blues uniforms tonight? Did the real team get abducted by aliens?

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!

The Blues’ goaltending woes continue. That about sums it up, really. Picture the Blues over the last couple years if they’d kept CuJo…that wouldda been at least one for Lord Stanley out of those years.

They played through the injuries and were redhot early…but don’t expect that to last. The Wings are still the cream of the ol’ Norris Division crop. It’s the NHL, just wait for the postseason and hope to get a few games at home. It’s anyone’s baby at that point. Of course, goaltending trumps all in the postseason, with the occasional exception, so STL might not have a bright postseason future.

BTW, what the hell is a Blues fan doing in Edmonton? I guess Gretzky did play that one season with STL, but that can’t be enough to make a fan, right?

“BTW, what the hell is a Blues fan doing in Edmonton?”


I’m a Blues fan in Phoenix, does THAT count? :slight_smile:

I’m actually surprised they’re as good as they are, considering Pronger is going to be sidelined until January, Tkachuk is nursing a sore hoof, and the two goalies I didn’t have faith in BEFORE the season began are both injured.

At this point, I’m praying Manute Bol makes his CHL debut in goal. ANYBODY is an improvement over what he have now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade up midway through the season for a decent netminder.

Pffhhh. How many wins do the Blues have? Like, 10, or something?

Try being a Leaf fan this season. It’s not pretty.

Ah yes, my sister says the Leafs totally suck. Looking at the standings for once, I believe her. Yet she says everyone at school makes fun of her for being a Canucks fan. A Canucks fan in Toronto (well, Mississauga)… not so hard to figure out when you consider that she’s been watching the Canucks since she was very young, and comes from here, besides. (heck, she even listens to the games over the Internet, and must keep everyone awake-ish with her insanely loud cheering)


[Eve enters thread, about to brag that she has an original 78 of Bessie Smith’s version of “St. Louis Blues” . . . Looks around, backs out quietly . . . ]

Most fans of the worlds greatest game should know that despite my ever growing affection for the home team (Oilers) I am a bona fide, true blue, fan of Les Glorieux.

When on lives in Edmonton, you take a lot of flack for cheering on the Canadiens.

mmmmmmmmmmm… Doug Weight…
Go Hawks!!! On a streak!

:: runs around screaming ::

I knew we would come crashing back to Earth. I printed out the ESPN Power Rankings from last week - I figure I can cling to that as we march inexorably toward our yearly Round 2 loss.

At least we beat Calgary, thanks to my new favorite Blue Eric Boguniecki. (God, what an awesome hockey name).

I’m a Blues fan.

I just don’t become one until March.

Then I stop again in May.
[sub]The Cox cable we have here is very confused. We get all St.Louis sports news but none of the games. We get stuck with Avs games. I hate the fucking Avs.[/sub]

BRING BACK SHANAHAN…[sub]5 years ago[/sub]