Any Suggestions For A Week In Thessaloniki?

Going to fly down to Thessaloniki in early April for a honeymoon, which considering I am the advanced 48 and my lovely wife-to-be is now 44, and as this will be both of our’s first and only marriage, I of course want to do it up right and not worry about a travel budget too much, (which was usually something I certainly kept in mind when I used to travel solo) so I am wondering what any of you familiar with the area might suggest for us, neither of whom have any previous experience in that part of Greece.

We are both in good physical shape, (but not exactly running any marathons in our spare time) and are both big history buffs, and we certainly like a good meal, but are not “Foodies” per se.

Any suggestions, tips or ideas would be very welcome, including favorite foods, sights or tours, plus really about anything else you might care to share.


Lucky you! I love Thessaloniki, it’s a great city to hang out in - really buzzing. Hopefully you are staying near the centre, in which case most interesting place are walkable (there are also open bus tours). All the main historical sites (White Tower etc.) are well worth it. For something a bit different and to get to know the city better I would recommend these walking tours.

The food scene in the city is vibrant and changing. We really liked Ergon, which is a combined deli and restaurant. Nearby is the city’s main market area which is lots of fun. Ergon is great for foodie souvenirs.

If you want to get out of the city Halkidiki to the east has great beaches, but the sea will be cool in April. My recommendation would be to hire a car and head down to Mount Olympos for some hiking (3 hour drive). Getting to the top is a big mission but there are plenty of easy trails that can be done lower down.

Be sure to visit the archaeological site at Vergina. Beautiful mosaics, excellent museum and Philip of Macedon’s tomb!