Any superhero RPG's for the d20 system?

I’d like to run a d20 superhero campaign for my gaming group, but can’t seem to find any pre-existing rule-sets for superheroes.

Years ago another group and I used to have great fun playing Marvel Super Heroes (which is the inspiration for my current quest), but it seems that WotC lost their Marvel license and Marvel updated to some strange diceless system.

I’d like to keep it within the d20 system, as that’s what everyone is the most familiar with, but I can’t locate any superhero rule-sets that follow it.

It’s been suggested that I mutate d20 Modern into a superhero game, but before I commit to such a lengthy process I’d like to ask around and see if someone hasn’t already done the work for me.

Any suggestions?

There’s a few systems out there – Mutants and Masterminds is the first that springs to mind. I haven’t played it myself, so can’t vouch for the fun-ness of the game. Check at any local hobby store and they should have at least two or three different systems to check through.

(And let us know if you like it – I loves me some good superhero RPGing and would love to take my gaming group through a Wild Cards-type game setting.)

Try Silver Age Sentinels by Guardians of Order. They make both a Tri-Stat (their own system) and a d20 version of the game, and it’s gotten great reviews. I know a couple of folks who’ve written for it and they do good work.

You could also convert the mutations in Darwin’s World pretty easily to be superhero mutations. DW is based on d20 Modern. But I think I’ve heard that Mutants and Masterminds is really good. You might look around on and see if anything catches your attention.