Any Terry Tate fans in here? New vid up today!

Yes, I know I’m playing right into Reebok’s hands, but damn if these videos aren’t the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! :smiley:

“Draft Day” is the new one. Achtung, baby!

Thank you for the link. I’ve heard about the Nike spoof and had yet to see it.

OMG I had no idea they had to edit that Super Bowl commercial down from 3.5 minutes to 1. For language, no less :slight_smile:

“You just did it, so I had to hit it! Woooo!”

Gotta love it.

I love the new one too. Those double-hits make the first few vids look like commercials for “Snuggle” fabric softener. :smiley:

“I’ll give you a piece of PAIN CAKE, and you won’t want seconds of THAT!!!”