Any travel nurses here? In your family?

In my ongoing quest to pick a real job, I’ve considered nursing, and the lure of travel nursing has come up a few times. Travel, good money, furnished housing–it sure sounds good.
Does anyone here have experience with it, or have stories to relate?

One of my dearest friends is a Travel Nurse. Coincidentally, I’ve just answered an e-mail from her. She and her husband totally dig the lifestyle. They decide where to go, and he picks up whatever job he can. When they have enough money, they take off to someplace in the world for a month or six and then come back to a new posting.

What is a “travel nurse”?

One of my cousins has two of them to take care of his older brother.

$52k+ (This is in eastern KY where anything over $8/hr is doing real good) They don’t actually have a nursing degree or they’d probably make more.

full benefits, they typically work a couple of weeks and have two weeks off but they have to help my parents some when they’re off unless they are on vacation.

They fly on the company jet when they go anywhere

Spend 3-4 months a year on theirisland off the coast of Belize

They say it’s a pretty good gig.

A Travel Nurse is a nurse that takes 13-week assignments in various cities. When my friends really like a place, they’ll stay for four 13-week periods (and then go on holiday). At the end of the 13 weeks, you can put in for specific assignments or regions so you can live somewhere else.

I’ve visited a couple of sites on the net, just to see what kind of benefits are offered, etc. Looks like standard benefits, a very good pay rate, free housing and utilities, travel payment/compensation, and bonuses for staying longer, etc.
Just not having a house payment would be like getting a huge step up in pay.

I can’t do anything requiring travel until my youngest kids are older, but this is the time to start planning for it, I think. I’d love to be able to travel when they’re all grown and gone.