Any trillian users able to get ICQ to work?

Every time I boot it up, it causes a fatal error and shuts down. Any clues on how to fix it? BTW, Trillian version 1.0 user. Should I patch or something, maybe?

have had problems before, but updating the software has always worked for me. bear in mind that icq, aol etc are not great lovers of trillian and you will need to update with some regularity to keep all the services running (this has at least been my experience when using trillian). as an alternative, if you don’t need the multi-functionality of having various IM tools, might I suggest ICQ lite?

Thanks Iteki. I tend to use 3 IM tools at once to keep track of all my friends. I hate running all of them in the background, hence the usage of trillian. I didn’t see an update on their site last night so I may be temporarily out of luck.