Any Twin Peaks fans out there?

My friend dan is a twin peaks freak and recently gave me the tapes of the series. I became addicted withing 4 episodes. I fell in love with special agents Cooper and Albert. But I will say the ending left me traumatized.

To quote Bachman-Turner Overdrive: “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet”

I was just a sprite when the series was on TV.

I cannot, cannot watch the movie for the life of me. It’s not that the movie is scary, it’s just bizarre enough to mess with my head. I always have to turn it off at the part where Laura’s dad comes into her room to do sick stuff to her and there’s this flash and you see the evil demon dude that’s possessing her dad.

Ugh I’m getting weirded out just talking about it.

Great, great series. I can’t wait for the second season to come out on DVD. I wish those pinheads at the network would have let it continue another season.

The first time I saw this movie I was, well let’s just say intoxicated :D. Anyway I definately enjoyed it and watched the TV show a few times, but it’s nothing like the movie. And I swear I’ve seen that picture Laura had on the wall of her door somewhere and it freaked me out!!

One of the neatest shows ever!

As many times as I’ve watched the series (on Bravo and on VHS), I never fail to be impressed by David Lynch’s vision and creativity. All the signs of BOB and evil (the trees, the scent of burning oil, the ceiling fans), the giant, the one-armed man, the lodges…such a rich and awesome mythology.

My favorite episode is #14, the one that starts with the Log Lady saying “Woe to the ones who behold the pale horse.” (I won’t say anything more to spoil it, except to say that that episode remains the most disturbing thing I have ever seen on television in a fictional series. It’s amazing.)

My roommate and I have been watching the first season on DVD. I think that we only have one episode left. I loved it when it was originally on, and I still love it now.

The scene with David Bowie and the monitors in Fire Walk With Me is fantastic.

When are the rest of the episodes coming out on DVD?

I think the “There are Owls in the Roadhouse” (I’m calling it that to avoid spoilers) episode is the best episode of any show I’ve ever seen. It’s truly incredible.

I love Twin Peaks with all my heart. There was a very amusing Pit Thread about it fairly recently, but I can’t seem to find it so I’m wondering if it was there at all, or it was only in the Black Lodge version of the SDMB.

I own the crappy ass VHS boxed set – the quality is just terrible, but it wasn’t cheap and I am feeling a bit scroogey at the prospect of buying the DVD set for essentially something that I already own. For those of you who have the DVD set, is it worth is? Is the quality much better? Is there extra material?

IMO, it’s the best damn show of all time.

IMO, Lynch screwed up. He messed with the “formula” people expect on TEEvee. After the season-ending cliffhanger, the situation is resolved in the first episode of the next season. IIRC, he didn’t solve the murder until the third episode of the second season which pissed people off.

I caught part of the second season when it was on Bravo. Since I’m rather notoriously inattentive to air times, I didn’t get to see the whole second season in reruns (I caught it the first time around). It seemed to me that it was a little slower than the first. But I remember when I was watching it during its first broadcast that I was engrossed.

Toward the middle or the end of the second season, things were really starting to heat up. When Agent Cooper looked in the mirror at the end of the last show, I was really hoping it would continue. I mean, damn! I got the impression that Lynch said, “Cancel my show, will you? Take this!” It would have been nice if it had continued another season or two.

One of the best series on television. I think that without Twin Peaks there would not have been an X-Files.

(Now if only von Trier will make The Kingdon III… Kinda hard without the Downs syndrome guy, but…)

We have most of the episodes recorded on tape (intermingled with Simpsons episodes!) and have the first season on DVD.

I LOVE the series. The movie was good to see, but I was hoping for more. I was also sad that the actress who played Donna wasn’t in the movie :frowning:

My friend has the boxed video set and the 1st season dvds. get the dvds. the quality is definatly worth it.
Johnny L.A. : I share your revenge opinion. I literatly could not sleep i was so upset at the ending! Coop turning evil?! after all he went thru?! When he kept moking himself with blood running down his face saying “how’s annie?!” I almost fainted!

The scene in the black lodge with 1 cooper chasing another cooper frightened me to death, not so much the chasing, but when one almost caught up with the other, a strobe light starts going off and bob pops up from the bottom of the screen: I almost vomitted from fear. seriously