Any updates on "Hold Your Wee for a Wii"?

Last year, a radio station in California had a contest where people were asked to drink water, and the one who went longest without urinating won a Wii. One contestant died of water intoxication.

The deceased’s family started a lawsuit against the radio station, and the police were investigating to see if any crime had been committed.

Have there been any developments in the past years? Any charges laid, or progress/resolution in the civil suit?

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The family of Jennifer Strange were awarded $16 million in compensation from KDND-FM this week.

BBC News article

Thanks for the update, but now I’m curious: did you bookmark my thread and keep it in mind for 22 months? :confused:

No, I searched the board with Google to check whether the news had already been posted, and it turned up this thread. I thought instead of reposting all the background, I’d just post the update in here.

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