Any washing machine gurus willing to help a poor fool?

Maytag Epic Z front loader - DOA. The machine will pump out but will not spin, finish a cycle or unlock the front door. A repair man has been summoned and will get here Wednesday or Thursday. I’d dearly love to override the door lock and get the wet clothes out of the washer before they mildew. I’ve gone through the troubleshooting guide in the owners manual and done every obvious thing I could think of with no joy. Do I have any options short of using a crowbar to force the door open? (If it starts to noticeably stink, I’ll probably do just that but I really don’t want to.)

if you unplug the unit does the lock release?

a wash or soapy water soak and rinse and hang in the sunshine will aid in preventing damage to lightly mildewed clothes.

No luck. First thing I tried.

Forgot to mention that the display in front is flashing F11 which I assume is some kind of trouble code I can’t decipher.

[Maybe this helps/URL? [URL=“”]This?

You can’t hold down the stop cycle button or something?

Oh hey. Look.

AWESOME! I will attempt this immediately. Many sincere thanks Farmer Jane.