Any Way To Do This? (Convert FS TV to 1948 Cabinet?)

I found a Zenith 1948 model console TV in a junk shop. It is in perfect shape-its the model with the round “porthole” screen.
I’d like to stick a modern FS display in place of the old CRT-but because of the modern aspect ratio, this would be difficult. Is there a way that I could convert a square monitor to accept the TV signal?
This will look great in my art deco living room!

You could mount an entire CRT T.V. inside the cabinet after removing the old picture tube and whatever else necessary from the inside. You could mount a small flat screen on the outside of the cabinet in front of the old screen and frame it in with moldings finished to match the old set. You could enlarge the “porthole” opening in the old cabinet and trim it out so that a small flat screen could be mounted inside.

I definitely wouldn’t bother using any of the 1948 electrics in this project. If the thing still works, you could just use a converter box.

If you are looking for a conversation piece, perhaps mount one of those LCD picture frames that shows a rotating set of images. The porthole’s aspect ratio is going to make actual modern TV viewing very annoying.

I’d be tempted to forget about watching TV on it, and to put a fishtank behind the porthole instead…