Video converter - Coaxial to RCA output

I can go to any electronics store, drop down $20, and get a video converter that takes a set of RCA outputs (Yellow video, Red and white audio) and spits out a television signal on a coaxial wire. This is handy for connecting newer equipment to older television sets.

Is there a gadget I can buy that will do the same thing, but in reverse? That is, take a coaxial video signal as an input (such as from a TV antenna) and spit out the stuff on separate RCA yellow/red/white ports?

Yes. It’s called a tuner. Probably the easiest way to get your hands on one is to use an old VCR. Antenna goes to the antenna-in connector, and get your video and audio on the “out” jacks. You may need to poke the VCR/TV button to get your off-air stuff to appear.

Otherwise, stand-alone tuners aren’t terribly common things.

Balderdash. This is G.Q., not I.M.H.O.. Please refrain from making statements like this unless you’re very very sure, ok?

You want to do this, and not have a huge box in the way? Call Wolf Seeburg Video at (310) 822-4973. As for Peggy in Sales. It costs $ 180.00, and is very compact. It comes with an AC/ DC power supply.

This is an extremely small RF Tuner box. It doesn’t “steal” scrambled cable t.v. signals. This device is entirely legal. All it does is exactly what rjung said he wanted to be able to do.

You plug in the RF cable, select a channel, and the RCA jacks out the other side feed pure Video and Audio.

I own one. It works just fine.

It also is a t.v. tuner, it can catch signals broadcast in the air and feed out pure Video and Audio as well. Ya wanted the Straight Dope? Ya got it. :slight_smile:

Guess I stand corrected on stand-alone tuners. But I also stand by how uncommon they are. If a store sells things that plug in and make sound or pictures, odds are good that they sell VCRs. Even my grocery store sells them every so often.

Anything that I have to go to one specific person at one specific company for isn’t common, compared to something that I can get at any of six stores in a two block radius of where I’m sitting. No opinions are needed. :wink:

The price also speaks to their relative rarity - $180 for a standalone tuner, or $43 for a brand new VCR? Unless the picture from the standalone tuner is really 4-5 times better than the picture from the VCR, you can be pretty sure that a lot more cheap VCRs are being cranked out than standalone tuners.

$180 is awfully steep.

You want something like this.

You can probably get something similar at the local Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.

If your TV has stereo speakers make sure to get a converter that supports stereo output over the coax RF connection to the TV.

No that’s what rjung already has. Takes an A/V source and converts it to an NTSC RF signal at the frequencies commonly referred to in the US as Channel 3 or Channel 4.

A nice one though. Two sets of inputs, S-video included.

He wants to take an RF signal at one frequency (pre-NES video game) or several (antenna or cable) and convert to A/V output. He needs to be able to select (tune in) a channel.

ACK! I misread that. Sorry about that.

Thanks for all the replies!

I must admit, most vcr’s have tuners. However, they’re large and bulky and take up real estate in the media cabinet. My suggestion works and is incredibly small and discreet.

-shrug- It’s an option. I didn’t mean to suggest that using a vcr was not an option, sorry if it came off that way.