Any way to get the 'burnt plastic' smell out of a kitchen?

Earlier today, I absentmindedly left a kettle on the stove without knowing the electric burner was on. The water boiled away and the kettle got so hot the plastic parts partially melted. I got it off the stove, but there is a haze in the kitchen and a sharp stench of melted plastic. I opened all the windows in the house and turned the fans on to try to get the smell out. Anything else I can do?

Wipe everything down with a nice lemony cleaner like Mr. Clean. Then, give it time son. Give it time. :slight_smile:

I think time is the big thing. I remember my mom accidentally burning some plastic in the kitchen when I was young, and it took most of the day for the house to be liveable again–even though it was misty and yucky outside, I stayed in the backyard rather than be in the house with the stench.

Get a cheap tin of coffee powder, and spread it around the kitchen. Let stand for a few hours. Usually works for garbage smells.

Make about five bags of microwave popcorn.

Are the fans blowing in, or out? I might put a fan in the kitchen window, blowing out to see if that would help. Otherwise, you’re just going to have to wait a bit. I wouldn’t go in there for very long at all until the haze has faded, and the smell is mostly gone.

A former boss of mine swore by vinegar as an odor remover. We had an incident at work that left a section of the cheap carpet melted - I know there was lots of plastic in that - and leaving several pie plates of white vinegar out overnight pretty much took care of the stink.

My sister recently melted a White Hen commuter cup in my microwave. It was positively vile. I put fans in the windows and used bleach to overpower that smell. It’s enough to kill ya!!!