Any website to download school books?

Hello everyone,

I’ll appreciate if anyone can leave me some links from which I can download school books. Of course [ school books taught in an English-speaking country ].

No matter what subject and what grade, could be from geography to history and etc, and could be from grade 1 to high school.

Do you mean download legally from the publishers of the schoolbooks?

There are some textbooks here (at Project Gutenberg) (including one by H. G. Wells)

You may be looking for Open (or “Open-Source”) Textbooks. Here’s the Wikipedia article, which has further links, to get you started.

As for specific examples, you can get free textbooks in Kindle format produced by the CK-12 Foundation from Amazon.

I was also going to suggest Kindle. You cand try and find a boot legged copy of a textbook in eBook or PDF format but that would be a bad idea. One, it’s illegal, two, it could be loaded with malware. They find new vulernabilities everyday and there are more out there.

I’d also look at MIT as they have a lot of course material for free (yes, I know its college level but you might have som super-smart kids).

No, free download, and not the whole book, I just want to check and review the complexity of the context in shcool books in different grades taught in English-speaking coutries

Thanks, I will check them.