How to obtain British school history textbooks?

For several years, I’ve been trying to locate British history textbooks made for youngsters - say age 9 through 15 or so. I would like for my students to understand the period of colonization and independence from another point of view, for the purpose of better understanding the meaning of “history.” I think that Asian, African, and European texts covering different periods in world history would be quite instructive, but so far, I haven’t been able to locate any. Those written in other languages would, of course, have to be translated, and I doubt anyone has even done that. But if I could obtain one, I’d work on that part of it. Any dopers have any ideas that I haven’t thought of? (You DO know what I have and haven’t thought of, don’t you?) Thanks.

CC as an idea, take a peek at the following link and think about registering?

if those guys can’t help you out, I don’t know who could :wink:

the Brit Branch of Amazon stocks a lot of school textbooks and revision guides - their history section is here

be warned though that you will be confined by what appears on the national curriculum (which governs which areas of history can be taught at what level).

you may want to browse both the GCSE level books (14ish to 16ish) and A-Level books (16-18ish ).

An excellent book for this purpose would be: World Conflict in the Twentieth Century by S M Harrison.

It was written pre-national curriculum and therefore offers a much wider number of areas (away from the current Europe 1914-1945 fixation in the NC). Also it was very widely used and infact still is in many schools as an extra source of information, beside the national curriculum textbooks. The book was written for GCSE level students.

Ah, this might do the trick. I appreciate the assistance. By the way, what does GCSE stand for? something something secondary education? thanks folks.

General Certificate of Secondary Education.