Anybody been to a TWLOHA event?

So the House of Blues is hosting a To Write Love on Her Arms event - an evening of music and hope. This organization’s main purpose is to prevent suicide and self-harm, but one of the ways they are trying to spread this is through music. One of the bands heavily involved in this is Anberlin (In fact I believe I have seen them with TWLOHA shirts in concert) – there is an event in Orlando’s House of Blues with the lead singer of Anberlin coming soon.

Unfortunately, that is the only person I have known of who will appear (along with about 6 others), and, less unfortunately, I know no one currently contemplating suicide or self-harm so I won’t go if it will be mostly supportive talk. So I was wondering if anyone had been to a TWLOHA event, and was it mostly preaching or was the focus on music, or an equal mix?