Anybody Else Audition for Dan Patrick's "Sports Jeopardy"?

For anyone who didn’t know, Dan Patrick will be hosting a new TV “Jeopardy!” spinoff, devoted to sports.

This weekend, they were doing the tryouts in Dallas, and I took the test yesterday.

Now, up front, I acknowledge that when it come to trivia, I have a bit of an ego. I’ve ALWAYS aced their written test before, usually getting at least 45 of 50 right.

But the sports written test… ye gods! There were 30 questions, and I don’t know the passing grade, but I assume it was 70%, which would make 21 the passing score. And when I was finished, I was sweating bullets, because that test was HARD, and I was pretty sure I didn’t get 21.

NOBODY looked confident. We all looked utterly humbled and chastened.

Anyway, I did pass (God knows how). But I’m telling you all this up close so that, if you do try out, you’ll be ready for a major ballbuster of a test. MUCH harder than any of the previous Jeopardy ! tests I’ve taken for the regular game.

Good luck Ast!. Here’s hoping you make the show and do REALLY well!