Jeopardy Online Qualifying Test

Anyone else just take it? I don’t remember any non-disclosure clauses when signing up (I assume they have different questions for the exams over the next two days for the midwest and West coasts), so I think we can discuss it. If anyone knows better, let me know.

Honestly, I didn’t think it was that hard. I think I got about 45/50 questions right. I missed one or two of the science ones, and I didn’t know the Secretary of State in the 1970s. The one I’m MOST mad at myself for missing was “On the Waterfront” being the 1954 Best Picture starring Marlon Brando – I could think of everything about it but the name. Aargh.

For some reason I could only think of Cyrus Vance as Secretary of State, but Carter wasn’t elected until '76. So I got at least that one wrong.

I’m sure I got in the 40s. I mistyped that the “meet” shall inherit the Earth, so I probably blew that one. There were a couple I didn’t know, but I can’t remember most of them. The literature thing about the Russian family was one of them.

Sec. in 73 was Kissinger…

I put “Cantrbry” for the question about pligrams. I wonder if that will count.

I think I put Brzenski for the Secretary of State one, even though I knew (?) it wasn’t him, and I’m sure I spelled it wrong.

I thought the Russian literature one where the youngest son’s name was Dmitry was from “The Brothers Karamazov,” but that was just a guess.

The one in the Dance category about Odette having to be a bird for one day a year – was that Swan Lake or the Firebird (or something else)? I hope the former…


They said they wouldn’t deduct for incorrect spelling. I’d think that’s close enough.

Looks like you’re right.

Swan Lake. We both got that one.

It wouldn’t let me long on. Cocksuckers.


That sucks. The same thing happened to the father of one of my friends. The site said you should log in 15 minutes in advance, although I didn’t notice that until checking this evening. Looks like they really stuck to it for some reason.

Yeah, I couldn’t for the life of me remember that Providence is the capital of Rhode Island. I had to skip or miss about five or six. Hopefully I got the rest right, though from what I’ve seen so far, I did okay.

(And who the Hell wrote ‘Babbit’?)

Sinclair Lewis. I read that in my spare time at around age 12- finally, it pays off. :wink:

I read Babbit when I was about that age, too! An odd choice for a 12-year-old maybe, but I liked it.

Wasn’t this the question the other guy has to get wrong in Quiz Show in order to lose to Ralph Fiennes character? Or was On the Waterfront the wrong answer and Marty the right answer?

I didn’t dislike it. Now that I think about it, who knows how much it shaped my views of suburbia. :wink:

I signed up, then completely forgot about it. They should have sent a reminder e-mail or something.
Ah well. I get over things like this pretty quickly.

I’m not sure what the question was or what the wrong answer he had to give was, but the right answer was Marty – and the poor guy had seen that movie about 5 times.

When it asked about the Nobel Prize winner, I blanked completely. Of course I remembered it later (since he’s one of my choices on this year’s Dead Pool). And could not for the life of me remember the name of the Julia Roberts movie, although I knew what it was. (I had the same problem with Gallipoli on Final Jeopardy the other night. Knew everything about it except the name.)

I probably got five or six wrong. I should have kept more careful track. The funny thing is, most of the ones I had trouble with are mentioned in this thread. By the way, what was the one about the DaVinci Code? Something about the character being introduced in a previous novel? Had to pass on that one.

“Marty” won Best Picture in 1955.

“They’re going to ask me what won the Best goddamn Picture for nineteen hundred and fifty five* and I have to answer ‘On the Waterfront’. They have to utz me with a question any child knows.”**

Of course, it’s no longer 1956, so it’s a much harder question now. :wink:


**I’ve seen the movie this quote is from more than a hundred times. Has anyone else seen it even once? ;p

Okay, so, everybody else has, which makes me happy, and I should preview thread before posting.