Upcoming "Jeopardy!" on-line test

The *Jeopardy! *on-line test will be given January 17-19.

This time I’m going for it. Wish I had done it years ago, when I had more brain cells . . . and there was less cumulative pop culture to know about. I’m 66 now, and don’t remember seeing a contestant this old. But that’s not gonna stop me.

damn, did i miss the registration date? it’s different than the test date?

Apparently, the site was hacked, as their message board is also down. Still, they could be a bit freer with information on their front page. Hopefully they will give a makeup for those of us who were unable to register. The email that they had sent to subscribers announcing the test said you could register up until one hour before test time. I have always waited till test day to register, because one may choose between Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to test, and it seemed safer to stay flexible as long as possible.

The Contestant Search page says all registrations are closed, so I guess it’s wait 'til next year if you missed your shot.

Shit. I go through life filled with too much useless information, but it might be nice to show it off to the rest of the world.

Former Jeopardy contestants, do you guys really care that there’s money involved? Sure, it’s nice, but it seems to me that the real rush is in beating the others on national TV. Final Jeopardy is “World Governments?” It’s pretend money so I’m all in, Alex.

No, I’m not a jock. Taking tests is my sport.

This is from their Facebook page:

*UPDATE ABOUT THE UPCOMING ONLINE TEST. The dates of the test have not changed. The test dates and times are as follows:
Tuesday, January 17th at 8pm ET
Wednesday, January 18th at 8pm CT/7pm MT
Thursday, January 19th at 8pm PT

Registration is now closed. If you registered and received a confirmation code, you are set to take the test as planned. Remember to log in before the test begins.

Our apologies for closing registration early. If you did not have a chance to register, we sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm and are at work on finding another opportunity for you to qualify for a Jeopardy! audition in the near future. Please check in regularly at jeopardy.com and Facebook for updates, or follow us on Twitter for the latest information.*

No, it’s about the money.

I’m all registered, ready to roll for tomorrow night. I took the test a few years back. The annoying thing was that they didn’t tell you your score after the test, nor which questions you got wrong.

Can I take the test on Thursday if I live in the eastern time zone? There wasnt an option to choose when I registered, but it is going to be difficult to take the test tomorrow.

I registered in November, but I forgot about it and I don’t think I ever got a reminder email. Thanks for starting this thread, panache45!

I have been trying for probably 10 years to get on the show, and have probably come close to making it a time or two.

I would not expect to win if I were to get on the show. It’s completely a desire for competition thing- I would be thrilled just to face off against two intelligent people, and to be able to brag about getting on the show afterward. Money completely icing on the cake.

Yes, last year I took the Wednesday test though I live in the Eastern time zone, and that’s what I’m going to do again this year; I’m not available on Tuesdays.

I’m taking the online test for the first time this year. If there were no money involved, I would still watch the show but I wouldn’t bother trying out. Getting on national TV is not of any interest to me. The optimal outcome would be if I went on the show and won a bunch of money but there was some kind of technical glitch that prevented my episodes from ever being aired.

I’m taking the test for the first time tonight. Even though no one I know - that includes me - will ever see my score, I’m oddly nervous.

I do wonder how they keep people from cheating with easy access to Google and other reference sources. I wouldn’t do it - both for ethical reasons and because I figure if I don’t know enough off the top of my head to pass the test unaided then I certainly won’t be able to avoid embarassing myself on air if it comes to that - but how do they guard against it in general?

it’s a pretty quick timer. 30 seconds to read and type the answer. if you had a tag team it’d be a lot easier. they guard against it by having another round of screening after the online test - a mock setup of the real show to weed out those who can’t perform on “camera”

Aye. Speed issues.
I am morally certain that they also give more weight to a faster answer, so a perfect score usign all thirty seconds for response wil count for less than a “pretty good” run at less than ten seconds an reply.

(At least that is my only explanation for why I have been called in for audition when folks with more correct answers have not. Either that or my wrong answers were more entertaining.)

Actually, that’s an interesting thought. I tend to type very quickly, but with a fair number of errors - I wonder if it’d be worth the extra two or three seconds to correct minor typos.

That is certainly not the reason. For one thing, it is recommended to all that they wait for the next question to come up by itself (it then takes whatever you have written down), rather than hitting “submit”, which, if you time it wrong, might lead to your missing a question entirely. A certain score (which they don’t tell you, but which informed opinion gives as 70%) puts you in the potential in-person test pool, and it seems to be totally random who they select from this group. Anyway, anyone who cheats to pass the online test still must pass the in-person test to make the final pool of potential contestants.

I think it’s because the answers are graded by actual people. If it’s anything like real Jeopardy, then spelling doesn’t count (to an extent,) so by having a person go over them, it won’t matter if you switch the order of an ‘i’ and an ‘e’.

Of course, still no reason thy can’t just display the answers afterwards, so you can do your own grading…but usually within a few minutes there are posts on the Jeopardy forums, and then soon on other forms, with a list of all the questions and answers.

I’m all set to go for tonight…though odds are, I’ll have the same problem I usually do, which is categories I suck at…it always seems that one of the other two nights have questions I know better…I always get stuck with too many literature, opera, and world history questions…I suck at those! Give me more science, math, food, and recent pop culture!

A question:

I live in the CTZ, but I work nights. CTZ test is Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. when I’m at work but PTZ is Thursday at 10:00 p.m. here (8:00 p.m. PZT) so I’ll be home. I’m preregistered and I have my confirmation number, and if I’m reading the instructions right it’s up to me when to use it; I’m not locked into the CTZ night (Wednesday) but can take any one (and one only) of the three tests.

Can somebody please confirm if I’m right on that?