Anybody else not amused by Jimmy Kimmel?

Kimmel BLOWS :o

But, the options are indeed limited. The only time I find myself laughing at anything is when Leno does headlines on Monday night. I can’t stomach the Letterman/Scheffer love-fest. Dave looks so bored he can’t stand himself. Jay is just counting down the days.

How Kimmel hasn’t been cancelled is fascinating. Is there just no one else? I guess comedians have run down the same dead-end street as politicians.

Boy, I miss Carson. Carson was good. Almost always good. And he had the class to bow out and stay out of the limelight. I wish they all could do that.

Does nobody watch Craig Ferguson? He’s on after Letterman. He tends to have C- (or D-) list celebrities, but his monologues are always really good. He focuses on one theme (a recent one was ‘vampires’) and doesn’t depend on the “the Washington scandal/celebrity starlet joke of the day” sequence of jokes that all the other guys do. I pretty reliably get at least one good laugh out of him each time I watch, and that’s a pretty good record for late night.

I usually watch Ferguson’s monologue then turn over to Conan for the guests. But as time has gone by I’ve watched more and more of Ferguson’s show. Apparently he tries not to have guests on unless he’s remotely interested in talking with them, so that’s a plus. Some of the guests he’s had that have interested me have been good interviews. I vastly prefer him to that other Craig who had that show before him…

On the rare occasions I’ve watched Kimmel’s show, I’ve come away with the impression that he just isn’t trying very hard.

His show on Comedy Central is unwatchable, I agree. However, his standup (unedited) is hilarious. You have to decide ahead of time not to get all offended, though. He pokes every racial button there is (but he does it to EVERYONE especially his own race).

Well, I’ll get a chance to form an opinion on him tomorrow. I listen to Adam Corolla every morning (and he is one funny mofo), and Jimmy will be sitting in for him while he welcomes his twins into the world. I’m kind of curious - I liked him on Ben Stein, and didn’t like either of them on The Man Show, so it’ll be interesting to see how he comes across on the radio.

The Man Show - 3
Win Ben Stein’s Money - 2
FOX NFL commentator - 1
The Jimmy Kimmel Show - 0

I’m afraid any further attempts will not only be spectacularly unfunny but will likely begin to incite his audience to do him harm.

Now I’m just the opposite. I feel that Kimmel was the funnier of the two (he and Corolla) on “The Man Show”, and have absolutely never laughed at anything Corolla has said outside of that show (including his stints as Death on Family Guy.) YMMV obviously.

Forgive me for bumping this travesty of a thread, but it must be said:

I f’ing LOVE Jimmy Kimmel.

I liked Johnny Carson. I liked David Letterman. I like Conan O’brien (but I no longer watch him).
Jimmy Kimmel is the only watchable late night talk show left.
Go figure.

I’ve recently started listening to the Carolla podcast and I heard some of these segments. He’s not quite as good but he did a funny bit where he answered caller’s questions as Adam Carolla. It was pretty good.

OMG! I agree with Dio! :eek: