Anybody else not amused by Jimmy Kimmel?

I didn’t need that. I just decided to watch that show for once and wasn’t aware it isn’t actually live. Jimmy faked being bit by a rattlesnake. It looked a little off but I didn’t think they’d joke like that. It seemed a bit fake as they followed him out the the ambulance (I don’t think they’d normally have an ambulance standing by, maybe EMTS but not an ambulance, and the portable camera) and then when they went to commercial and back it was clear. Go to hell. That’s the first & last time I watch that.

The snake looked a bit odd and whatnot but it didn’t occur to me that a major network would pull that sort of shit.

They actually replayed that tripe?

I agree that was the worst 4 minutes of TV ever…

But Jimmy Kimmel is still my favorite late night talk show.
Fuck me.

I find his smug attitude to be totally unpalatable. He’s an ass and not even an entertaining ass. I have no idea how he got the job.

TV discussion? A civil, disapproving one? Sigh. Gotta lose it to Cafe Society.

Dang. And this one even had snakebites in it.

I’ve never found him either funny or interesting. I really do wonder how some of these people get their own shows.

When i arrived in America, i was equally staggered by the lack of talent displayed by Craig Kilborn on his late show. I’ve heard that he was actually pretty good when he was on The Daily Show, but i have trouble imagining that he was even a patch on Jon Stewart.

Another guy whose success absolutely flabbergasts me is Carlos Mencia, who has his own show on Comedy Central. Based on my (admittedly limited) experience, his comedy routine does not contain a single amusing element.

God I hate Kimmel. He ranks right up there with Paris Hilton in “How the hell do they get work”.

I thought he was okay as one of the characters on the Kevin & Bean show on KROQ. I saw The Man Show a couple of times. I thought he was better on radio.

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to list all the people who are amused by Jimmy Kimmel? You could do it in a small text box and still leave plenty of room for the :smack: :dubious: :rolleyes: :eek: :confused: smilies.

He’s horrible. HORRIBLE!!!

Do you know he is in the “100 Most Beautiful People” issue of People. Yes, you read that right…Most Beautiful People.

[barf smiley insert]

Completely non-entertaining fellow. Worse there’s a move to stick him into sports commentating as well.

I can’t remember ever laughing at him once. The Man Show was horrible. I can’t believe his talk show is even still on the air. Do people actually watch it?

Maybe they assumed he had to be beautiful because he somehow landed Sarah Silverman. I mean, what else could it be? “He makes me laugh?” Yeah, right. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought The Man Show was okay, in its early days, for what it was. But I didn’t realize anybody was watching his show.

Sarah Silverman hooked up with Kimmel?!! ::shudder::

We always assumed he got his work through Nepotism.

Did this guy have a talk show?

More than that, they’ve been together for a few years.

I think he is pretty funny…I’ve heard him throw down some solid burns… Also well if you ever get the chance to see the Pam Anderson comedy roast he tears it up while hosting…not to mention keeping Courtney Love relatively in check.

I thought he funny on “Win Ben Stein’s Money” and “The Man Show”. Haven’t seen his talk show though.

That’s what makes it weird. I also liked him on Ben Stein’s Money and as a Friar’s Club host. But his show isn’t known for anything except having a lot of drugs and alcohol in the green room.

Actually he is finding space because Letterman and the Tonite Show are played out. I think retirement is all they think about. I think his Uncle is wasted space and Cousin Sal is hit and miss but he has guts. If I were him I would have Sarah on 3 times a week. And Super Dave the other two.