Jimmy Kimmel's Show?

In the Chicago area, they were showing local news at 11. Was Kimmel’s debut pushed to a later time for local news, or did Chicago choose to do local news instead of his new show?

Did anybody see it? Was it any good?

In ChiTown it came on after the local news.

It was weak. But I get what they were doing- let’s pack this show with a bunch of starts because nobody knows aho Jimmy Kimmel is.

I am more looking forward to their “regular format” which I suspect this was not. Kimmel seemed a little tight, he and Sapp had some uncomfortable interview moments, there were a lot of misunderstandings, and Kimmel came off as a little mean-spirited. (Which I’m fine with, of course, Sapp is an ass).

Clooney was really funny, continuing to cement his image (with me anyway) as a guy who’d be a blast to hang out with. Snoop was awesome, we need more snoop in the public domain. Sapp was an ass.

Kimmel did OK I think, for his first show being live after the Super Bowlwith all of the pressure that entails. It was interesting to see some “almost-live” jokes about the super bowl. The sapp stunt was interesting. Snoop kept giving the finger to the camera, which had them popping up the ABC logo against a blank red screen, not always in snch with the gestures. Funny.

They had a discussion about what words they could/couldn’t say. Clooney asked if “ass” was OK. It apparently was. Kimmel then said something like, “If we had the band “Hole” on, I could say, ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s the band, they kick ass- Hole!’”

And he was bleeped.

Altogether, I found it uneven but I will tune in for a few more as they get into their groove. I wanted more writing, but I suppose they needed guests to bring the eyeballs. The most appealing factor to me was the genuine trainwreck-live feeling that anything could happen, something that for some reason I don’t get from Saturday Night Live.

Verily, the Kimmel did sucketh much. In New York, it followed the local news. See the Pit thread for more discussion.

Didn’t see the show, though suspected it’d be Not-Good. Who’s Sapp?

Warren Sapp, who plays defensive line and occasionally tight end for the City of Tampa Bucaneers of the NFL.

I am somehow incredibly jealous that you have no idea who he is.

Kimmel should stick to the Man Show. He’s good there. Otherwise his individual interactions with people make him seem like a disinterested asshole–always not listening because he’s trying to think up something funny to say.
I suppose it’s hard to be genuine. Not many talkshow hosts can do it. I even get disappointed with my favorite, John Stewart, when he fakes laughing at his guest’s jokes-- he sounds like one of those brain-dead morning DJ’s who laugh for three hours straight at every little noise they hear.
Well…maybe John’s not THAT bad.

John’s not that bad, but you have a point. The problem is that when you deconstruct what you’re saying, it makes Jay Leno the ideal talk show host, and we all know that ain’t true.

I think the best solution is a happy medium. Conan is too self-interested. Leno is too namby-pamby. Letterman is juuuust right.

However, I don’t watch talk TV for the guests. I love Conan, but unless the guest is really interesting, I only watch the first half hour. My pattern with Kimmel now will probably be:

1/2 hr Letterman, 1/2 hr Kimmel, 1/2 hr Conan, bed.

It’s interesting that Letterman’s stamp is all over the new Kimmel show in terms of personnel, and that Kimmel himself has stated that he idolizes Letterman.

I just watched it to see/hear Coldplay. If the show makes the cut
and sticks around for awhile, we may try to get tickets. Hell, anything beats The Howie Mandel Show, that was the last talk show taping we went to see. Howie Mandel, up close, in pancake makeup, is a terrible terrible thing to see.

Totally ditto on both Kimmel and Carolla. They’re how I envision the dumbass smug smirking jocks from high school (the ones who the principal ordered the math teacher to give B’s instead of D’s so that they could stay on the team; the ones who would make one-liners that were either totally unfunny or painfully obvious, then laugh at them) would act at their 20th High School reunion. Both need a good beatin’, then three more.

I hated Carolla when he co-hosted LOVELINE with Dr. Drew. How it’s possible to be that stupid and not require a state supported keeper is beyond me. Example: one time a caller from Atlanta called in because her boyfriend’s behaviour made her suspect he might be gay.
Kimmel: Well, you live in Atlanta, GA, so people there probably consider not going to a tractor pull gay behaviour… I can’t imagine there’s much of a gay scene in Atlanta…

Atlanta, as anybody with 18 functioning neurons knows, is a metropolis, and like all metropoli in America has a thriving gay community. Seth Green was a guest that night and was actually asking intelligent questions: “By gay behaviour do you mean that he’s kissing guys or that he’s wearing tight shirts and dancing at gay clubs or what?” to which Carolla started to make some lamer-than-Stephen-Hawking quip and Greene said “Shut the f*ck up! This woman is upset!”. Made me really respect Greene and hate Carolla even more.

I think you want the pit thread on this topic, especially as regards Adam Carrola and your revusion to him.

The idea of seeing either Carolla or Kimmel as a jock is a funny one.

Oh, sorry, I posted to the wrong open window. Do forgive me and I’ll send my man around with a new cat.

Certainly. Tally-ho.