Anybody else preoccupied by thoughts of total financial collapse?

A thorough and total collapse of the U.S. financial system has replaced radioactive zombie invasion as the latest doomsday scenario dominating my thoughts.

Instead of thinking about things like “which door would I barricade myself behind?” or “saw off the shotgun or not?” I’m now thinking (fantasizing?) about what I would do if suddenly there was no need for any of the services my company offers, due to the current U.S. economic crisis, and all the people who work here just had to figure out something else to do.

Would I sell apples out of a cart on the street like you see those folks from NYC doing during the Great Depression? Would I move into my camper? Would I be able to pay for gas so I can take my camper anywhere? Would I just let the bank take my house?

I suppose I wouldn’t be in any more trouble than anyone else during a total economic collapse, but I find myself somewhat preoccupied with what might happen in a catastrophe like this. Anybody else similarly preoccupied?

My personal bizarre fantasy is that GWB declares a national emergency or sumsuch and installs himself as *prezdent fer life, or at least a real long time.
I’m probably over reacting, but I’m not sure the total financial collapse scenario is so far fetched.

While 400+ point swings in the Dow and massive government bailouts makes it feel like things are “out of control”, I don’t think we have to worry about the majority of us having to sell apples on the street corner. I too long for the days when the market was inexorably rising from year to year… but those days are gone for a while.

Protect youself as best you can, especially if you work for a company that is exposed during this financial crisis. The CEO of my company explained that we benefit from market transitions such as these and that once things settle down our company will once again continue to grow at 15-17% per year.

Stop worrying about things you have no control over and focus on making sure you are taking prudent steps to preserve your monitary and human capital. If that means you should be looking for a different career it may be time to start networking.

I have actually given more thought to finally putting together that “Earthquake Survival Kit” now that I realize it might be needed for more than just earthquakes. Katrina helped cement the reality of it to me as well. This time I may go ahead and start budgeting it…

No, you’re not over reacting.

As long as a total financial collapse comes with good looking people I guess I’m ok with it. Does this mean that instead of selling apples, I have to become a bike messenger?

On the positive side, if the bubble should have burst earlier (and it should have), better it burst now rather than later. There are a lot of young adults these days who don’t know recession, so they might be in for a shock - but it’ll be an educational one. But we’ll survive it.